Pune food diaries :p

This post will basically contain pictures of various food items I ate in Pune (a city in Maharashtra, India). Most of the dishes are traditional Marathi and those that I hadn’t ever eaten hitherto.

Appe and filter coffee..

I had this at a very famous south Indian restaurant of Pune called Nagbrahm.




Misal Paav..



Sweet corn pattice..


Coconut kachori..

I had this at Wadeshwar restaurant.


Set dosa…


Mongpadi Idli..

This idli was tossed in some Moong dal mixture..

Enter a caption

Ragda pattice..




It is a ball of fried mushroom(filled with some mixture) that melts in your mouth pleasuring your tongue with yummy flavors! I had this at a restaurant called Hoppipola.



Traditional meals..


Chhole Bhature..

I have had a lot of this dish in Punjab but a Bhatura of this enormous size..lol!


Paneer Malai Tikaa..

I had this in Pankaj restaurant.


Irani tea..@ Goodluck Cafe


Shahi Biryani..

From Gulzaar-e-Muhammadi restaurant in Camp


Dorabjee restaurant..


Cream of Mushroom soup and Scheswan Egg noodles… @ MSM mall


Mushroom tikka

It’s not like I never have had Mushroom Tikka before but this one at Nagbrahma restaurant was amazing one..yummy!


Kanas-chi-Bhel (Corn bhel)..

This is the yummiest thing I had in Pune!


There is this mysterious side serving given with these Bhajiye @ Rohit Wadevale restaurant..



Shaniwaar Vada..



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