Mcleodgunj → Triund trek

This trip was a mere serendipity to me. It was a college trip organised and funded by the college. And I was not sure about this even a day before. So a quick packing a night before did the needful for me. It was a 3 day trip and an outing that I literally needed.

Day 1 – In love with Swarg Ashram!

HP, also known as land of Gods holds some splendid places that can leave us wondering at the magician god to have created this beautifully bountiful nature to relish. Dalhousie, Shimla, Dharamshala, Mcleodgunj , and to name a few are some such places. I had this chance of visiting Mcleodgunj.

While travelling in the bus, I captured some snapshots.


We had our lunch at a nice hillside place that comes midway – Manor restaurant. It had a pleasing river view.


Few more hours later we reached Mcleodgunj bus stand from where we boarded the city bus to reach the main market. Our residing place was a km elevated. It was very tiresome and almost choking to carry our respective luggage walking through such a steep slope. Finally we reached this amazingly beautiful and piously peaceful place called Swarg Ashram (a government owned dormitory located in the lap of nature). SA was built at the time of Britishers. According to the lady caretaker of this place, a Dalai Lama also lived here for sometime. I got to see this picturesque sunset with my very own eyes and didn’t waste a second before capturing it.

A plenty of monkeys were living with us as our neighbors.


Day 2 – Triund trek..:)

It is rightly said, you will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them!
This tiring and exhausting trek was an amazingly adventurous experience for me, apart from that paining nail on my feet that bothered me throughout the downward journey.

This temple came some 3 Kms after the start. There is a taxi stand here where the road ends and the people who had been travelling by taxi or auto rickshaw would relinquish them to be with their feet only.

I had some Momos and did more captures..:)

More pictures at Magic view cafe, located 6 Kms above the start. 1 km after this comes Best View cafe.

I had some Maggie at the Best View cafe and, of course, more captures..:)

I can’t miss the mention of a friend that we made during our upward journey. 55 year old Richard came to visit India with his 22 year old daughter 5 weeks ago. He told me that he visited Delhi, Agra, and Rishikesh before coming to Mcleodgunj. We all had a nice conversation with this amiable Canadian visitor. He even clicked some memorable pictures with our group after reaching Triund.

And then we reached our most coveted destination. Our happiness was inexplicable. You can view the majestic Dhauladhar ranges from Triund. You can treat your eyes with some splendid views of this bountiful nature.

 Day 3 – Waterfall, temple, shopping…:)

Day 3 was well spent by visiting a few interesting places.

A very famous church – St.Johns church, built in 18th century.

Bhagsunag temple..:)

Bhagsunag waterfall..:)

Budhist temples in the market..

Shopping time..:)

kalchakra temple..

Later that night, we treated ourselves with Italian food in a nice and affordable restaurant. We had Pizza, Pasta, Lagsane and Thukpa(a regional soup). Everything was mouth savoring, trust me..:)

P.S.  What’s with this Indian mentality. During the trek, I saw a man forcing her some 5 years old daughter to get her picture clicked with a foreigner lady. Reluctance and lack of interest was visible on that lady’s face. This man said,”Go hug her and have a picture with her. She is like your Massi”. Lol, seriously? Why do we Indians go gaga on having pictures with some random white skinned tourists. Grow up India!